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November 9th Charity Tournament
Guys my wife works in the wound care sales field, in her work she has come across an awful disease called Epidermylosis Bullosa or EB for short. EB is a rare skin disorder where the skin is very sensitive and even the slightest rub or scratch can cause severe blistering or tearing of the skin. People with EB often need daily wound care and protective wraps to keep their skin safe from more trauma. The disease is rare where approximately only 1 out of 50,000 births are children born with EB. It is inherited from parents and can either be recessive or a dominant gene passed along. EB children are often called “Butterfly Children” because their skin is a fragile as a butterfly’s wing. 
There is no cure for EB currently and the only treatment is dressing changes. Many products are used and can differ depending on patients likes, tolerance, and skin sensitivity. These dressings, along with other chronic issues such as respiratory distress and inadequate GI function cost 1000’s of dollars per month for these families. Some items may not be covered by insurance which can leave these families in financial troubles. 
By playing in the tournament, all proceeds will go to buying toys for our local families who deal with EB every day. Our goal is to raise enough so we can buy a toy for everyone of their children attending a picnic before Christmas. 
Let’s work together to bring JOY this Christmas!

Attached is a picture of one of the kids my wife takes care of.

Date is November 9th. The fee will be $20/player. All profits will be matched by my wife and I. You will get at least 4 games. We will draw teams from a hat to make it random. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested. taking the first 44-48.

Posted by Reggie Fountain, Created Tue Oct 15, 2013

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